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504 لغت ضرووری
Lesson 10

Excel: be better than; do better than

Feminine: of women or girls

Mount: get up on

Cpmpete: try hard to get something wanted by others; be a rival

Dread: look forward to with fear; fear greatly; causing great fear

Masculine: of man, male

Menace: threat

Tendency: leaning, movement in a certain direction

Underestimate: ser too low a value, amount, or rate

Victorious: having won a victory; conquering

Numerous: very many; several

Flexible: easily bent; willing to yield
دلمو دست تو دادم دلمو آسمونی کن/ همیشه مهربون بودی دوباره مهربونی کن

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Lesson 11

Evidence: that which makes clear the truth or falsehood of something

Solitary: alone; only

Vision: power of seeing; sense of sight

Frequent: happening often; occurring repeatedly

Glimpse: a short, quick view

Recent: done, made, or occuring not long ago

Decade: ten years

Hesitate: fail to act quickly; be undecided

Absurd: plainly not true or senseble; foolish

Conflict: direct opposition; disagreement

Minority: smaller number or part; less than half

Fiction: that which is imagined or made up
دلمو دست تو دادم دلمو آسمونی کن/ همیشه مهربون بودی دوباره مهربونی کن

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Lesson 12

Ignite: set on fire

Abolish: do away with completely ; put an end to

Urban: of or having to do with cities or towns

Populations: people of a city or country

Frank: free in expressing one's real thoughts, opinions , or feelings ; not hiding what is in one's mind

Pollute: make dirty

Reveal : make known

Prohibit: forbid by law or authorities

Urgent: demanding immediate action or attention ; important

as much as is needed ; fully sufficient

Decrease: make or become less

audible: able to be heard
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Lesson 13

Journalist: one who writes for, edits, manages, or produces a newspaper or magazine

Famin: starvion; great shortage

Revive: bring back or come back to life or consciousness

Commence: begin; start

Observant: quick to notice; watchful

Identify: recognize as being, or show to be, a certain person or thing; rove to be same

Migrate: move from one place to another

Vessel: a ship; a hollow container; tube containing body fluid

Persist: continue firmly; refuse to stop or be changed

Hazy: misty; smoky;unclear

Gleam: a flash or beam of light

Editor: person who prepares a publication; one who corrects a manuscript and helps to improve it

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Lesson 14

Unruly: hard to rule or control; lawless

Rival: person who wants and tries to get the same thing as another; one who tries to equal or do better than another

Violent: acting or done white strong, rough force

Brutal: coarse and savage; like a brute; cruel

Opponent: person who is on the other side of a fight, game, or discussion; person fighting, struggling or speaking against another

Brawl: a noisy quarrel or fight

Duplicate: an exact copy; make an exact copy of; repeat exactly

Vicious: evil; wicked; savage

Whirling: turning or swinging round and round; spinning

Underdog: person having the worst of any struggle; one who is expected to lose

Thrust: push with force

Bewildered: confused completely; puzzled
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Lesson 15

Expand: increase in size ; enlarge ; swell

Alter: make different ; change ; vary

Mature: ripe ; fully grown or developed

Sacred: worthy of respect ; holy

change ; alter ; bring up to date


Casual: happening by chance ; not planned or expected ; not calling attention to itself

Pursue: follow ; proceed along

Unanimous: in a complete agreement

Fortunate: having good luck ; lucky

Pioneer: one who goes first or prepares a way for others

Innovative: fresh ; clever ; having new ideas
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Lesson 16
Slender: long and thin ; limited ; slight

Surpass: do better than ; be greater than ; excel

Vast: very great ; enormous

Doubt: not believe ; not be sure of ; feel uncertain about ; lack of certainty

Capacity: amount of room or space inside ; largest amount that can be held by a container

Penetrate: get into or through

Pierce: go into ; go thorough ; penetrate

Accurate: exactly right as the result of care or pains

Microscope: instrument with a lens for making objects larger so that one can see things more clearly

Grateful: feeling gratitude ; thankful

Cautious: very careful ; never taking chances

Confident: firmly believing ; never taking chances
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Appeal: attraction; interest; to urge

Addict: one who cannot break away from a habit or practice; addicted unable to break a habit

Wary: on one’s guard against danger or trickery; cautious

Aware: knowing; realizing

Misfortune: bad luck

Avoid: keep away from; keep out of the way of

Wretched: very unsatisfactory; miserable

Keg: small barrel, usually holding less than ten gallons

Nourish: make or keep alive and well, with food; feed; develop an attitude

Harsh: rough to the touch, taste, eye, or ear; sharp

Quantity: amount

Opt: choose or favor; select
دلمو دست تو دادم دلمو آسمونی کن/ همیشه مهربون بودی دوباره مهربونی کن

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Lesson 18
Tragedy: a very sad or terrible happening ; a sad play

Pedestrian: a person who goes on foot ; walker

Glance: to look at quickly ; a quick look

Budget: estimate of the amount of money that can be spent for different purposes in a given time

Nimble: active and sure-footed ; quick moving ; light and quick

Manipulate: handle or treat skillfully

Reckless: careless ; heedless ; wild

Horrid: terrible ; frightful

Rave: talk wildly

Economical: not wasting money or time

Lubricate: make(machinery)smooth and easy to work by putting on oil , grease , or similar substance

Ingenious: having great mental ability ; clever
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Lesson 19

Harvest: gathering in of grain or other food crops

Abundant: more than enough ; very plentiful

Uneasy: restless ; disturbed ; anxious

Calculate: find out by adding , subtracting , multiplying , or dividing ; figure

Absorb: take in or ***** up ; interest greatly

Estimate: form a judgment or opinion about ; guess

Morsel: a small bite ; mouthful ; tiny amount

Quota: share of a total due from or to a particular state , district , person , etc

sign or cause of possible evil or harm

Ban: prohibit ; forbid

Panic: unreasoning fear ; fear spreading through a group of people so that they lose control of themselves

fit ; set apart for some special use
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